MTW schedule update 2019! :D


Finally we get a full beginnerschedule!! From January 2019 we expand our beginnerprogram (mtw) with two more sessions pr week! :D On top of this, the two extra sessions will be 30min longer (1.5h), which gives us time to introduce more of the 10p system than just the warmup curriculum. Amaze!! :D With Shooto and Open Mat, beginners can then train 6days a week. Slow and steady, onwards and upwards! #nogiallday #10pBergen #MTW #beginnersessions #10P4L

MTW schedule January 2019 will look like this:
Monday: 17.00-18.30
Tuesday: 17.00-18.00
Wednesday: 17.00-18.30
Thursday: 17.00-18.00


Mastering The Warmups

Beginnersession 10pBergen